2009 - CD & Mixtape Reviews

Nicki Minaj, DJ Holiday, & The Trap-A-Holics
Beam Me Up Scotty
Nicki the Ninja has created a sub-culture of harajuku barbie bitches and her
fan club probably doubled with this mixtape. Though a few freestyles like
“Best I Ever Had” and “Get Silly” could have been left off, overall the
complaints are few. Young Money’s diva impresses on nearly every song
starting with “I Get Crazy.” The ode to Fendi and Louis (”Shopaholic” with
Bobby V and Gucci Mane) is also worth a listen, along with “Keys Under Palm
Trees” and “Easy” with Gucci and Rocko. Nicki’s image may be similar to a
Lil Kim, but her range of skill and content are superior. Kim can swallow a
Sprite can-Nicki can rap, act, and sing. - Ms. Rivercity

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24: As a new up and coming artist what do you think you bring to the table that will make a label take you over another?

Nicki: Basically, I'm that next rap super star I have my cape on and let's get it in!

24: How long have you been rapping and what made you want to become an artist?

Nicki: I have been rapping for about 2 years and I get inspired by everyone that's putting out good music from Hip Hop to R&B.

24: Why do you think there is no dominant female rapper in the game right now?

Nicki: I think there is once you still have artist like Remy Ma, Lil Kim and EVE but they just need that support again like when Kim had B.I.G. around and EVE had the whole Ruff Ryders.

24: So Do you think you can Change that and Why?

Nicki: Yes, because I'm multi talented I do it all dance, sing, and I write my own rhymes and I don't take myself to seriously because I feel like a lot of females walk around with the screw face and it not even that serious.

Nicki: I'm working on my new mixtape it's probably going to be called "SuckerFree" because I don't fuck with suckers no more, so the people should look out for that.

24: I recently saw your cover for your new mixtape it was very different and creative who came up with the idea?

Nicki: I came up with that idea, we had the title for the mixtape already and I came up with the concept just because I thought it would be different and cute at the same time. The concept means that play time is over and I'm coming out of the box doing what I want to do saying what I want to say and stop taking Nicki for a joke.

24: What song that's out best describes Nicki Manja?

Nicki: Fabolous "Make Me Better" featuring Ne-Yo because I'm about to make the game better and put us women back at the top where we belong!

24: Anything you want to promote or say to the people?

Nicki: Thank's for the support, shout to Southside Jamacia, Queens that's where I'm from and Dirty Money Records!

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